The Other Shore

by Broken Down

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The Other Shore is UFO experimental industrial rock / metal one-man-band Broken Down's second full-length album.

As for its previous album, the band presents a fusion of industrial music, electronic drums and rock / metal music. The amount of pop source material increased though. The Other Shore merged the aggression of hardcore punk and groove metal with the experimentation of industrial music and the catchiness of arena-size rock choruses.

While the music mixes quiet softness, groovy heavy beats and catchy choruses, the lyrics are sometimes sung with tenderness and other times they are just unrelenting screams. Traditional guitar and bass riffs merged with majestic keyboard arrangements and meticulously chosen drum elements.

This record is a whole as music is treated as art. Each songs is bound to an artwork, as the album is bound to a graphic charter and a color palette. One of the main themes of the lyrics is about creating its own art without censoring yourself. It's about freedom, free-thinking and pushing people to create and to share.
That's also why you'll find around the internet stems (separated channels) of the songs to build your own remixes as an answer to The Other Shore. This album is definitively living within its era


released February 26, 2016

Music & Lyrics & Arts [ Broken Down ]
Final Mix & Mastering [ Yann Klimezyk @ Mon Studio, FR ]
Female vocals on 2 & 7 [ A Disciple Of Mr Sun ]
Original Logo [Romain Lupino ]

Composed [ Sep. 14 | Apr. 2015 ]
Recorded [ Jan. 2015 | Jul. 2015 ]
Mixed [Jul. 2015 | Nov. 2015 ]




Altsphere Production Bordeaux, France is an indie metal records label since 2003

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Track Name: [ Baïne ]
[ instrumental ]
Track Name: [ Mr Sun ]
Hello Mr Sun

Living where I was born
Without asking myself [ stubborn ]

[ Chorus ]
Hello Mr. Sun
You were here, well hidden inside me
Hey-ho Mr. Sun
Why did you hide away for so long ?

Learning he could fit me [ suborn ]
Always been deep inside of me [ inborn ]

[ Chorus ]

Moving down South to meet him
Learning how fast I need him
Head in the clouds
I dislike clouds and I miss him
He’s the light of my life. I see the light

annot put up with three days without sun
Try to escape from Northern shadows
Scarcely have I seen a cloud I start to run
Pray for Mr Sun to light up the meadow

Hello Mr. Sun
Get rid of those shadows
Hello Mr. Sun
Make all my fear disappear

Your power on me just discovered
A terror it seems : I can’t go without you
[ Relation severed ]
Cannot put up with three days without sun
Scarcely have I seen a cloud I start to run

Hello Mr. Sun
Get rid of those shadows
Hello Mr. Sun
Make all my fear disappear
Track Name: [ The Other Shore ]
Held on to your dream
Denying the way it seems [ Emotions locked ]
Delusion’s a cloud of steam
Sky’s got its malicious gleam [ Creating mock ]

Safety buckle. Time to break your shackle

Really no need to be a warlock
Above all just try something instead of talking
You have just to forget your Art-Rock
Won’t break the back of the work for you

[ Chorus ]
There is no place for doubt
On the way to the other shore
You are always too far
Impossible to reset and restore

No time to buckle up. It’s time to level up
No time to buckle up. Now

Imagination throws off the shackle
Imagination better than gamble

Just forget what you’ve heard
And forget what you’ve learned
No more limit. No more shackle
Please push the limits
You’re doomed if you let
The past govern your mind
No exception. There are many behind

Stretch the boundaries
It’s more than puppetry
Compelling courage
To walk into the unknown
Fear the rectories
Praying narrow-mindedly
Ignorance isn’t a bliss
Return where you hide

[ Chorus ]

Last call, last chance
Don’t romance this experience
One last dance. Move

[ Chorus ]
Track Name: [ Rearview Mirror ]
[ instrumental ]
Track Name: [ Scribble Your World ]
[ Verse I : Veggie verse ]
Rising my fist. I’m not the first
The fat’s in the fire. It happened so fast
Fast as a wildcat cut by a fast rat
Don’t wanna begin a fad for freethinking
No glorious feat. I need no meat
I had a good feed then tempted the fate
No pair of flaired. I foist it on nobody
I went veggie like a bird flaps its wings
As any choice it belongs to me
Won’t chase you around
Won’t cut you off with one chop
Even if you chop the pork so finely
I say, old chap, I don’t shake my fist at your face

[ Chorus ]
Your world is bad. Your world is dumb
At a terrific bat it’s becoming a dump

[ Verse II : A verse in a bottle ]
Stop thinking global and bring me a bottle
You’ve not rolled enough to change the rule
It’s not real enough to be a fool
Utopianism’s dead. Leave the ring now
Don’t call me coward when you cower away
Just don’t want to be wrung even if I’m wrong
Daily pleasure than waiting for defeated measures
Wide measure of autonomy and no pressure

No tumble, no trouble in my bubble
Don’t be befuddled by drink
You won’t change a thing
Abandon the struggle. World will crumble
Snuggle up to your lover

There’s no tumble. There’s no trouble in my bubble
Better snuggle. World will crumble

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse III : A verse and a quiet tipple ]
I found my sparkle with which I gargle
I chortle with pleasure like birds give gurgle
I used to be a guardian and I became a gardener
Don’t turn purple. It turned full circle
No pearl of wisdom. No earl of kingdom
You’re riffled with problems, the ones for cripples
Don’t fight for feed. Don’t die in the field
We have a good giggle. It’s your time to scribble

[ Chorus ]
Track Name: [ Alienated Music ]
I really think about this time
when music was still a crime

“The music to me sounds really a little
a bit alienated, so I'm very surprised...
- Alienated from what?
- From...from...from... OK, from my world
- From your world”

Spreading it was really a conception
No deceitful people and fake connections
No bullshit networks [ virtual relationship ]
Real trading, spreading it like a stork

[ Chorus ]
Backthen people seems true
No hashtags and no rush opinions
Nowaday they talk, talk, talk and judge
While they’ve only listened for twenty seconds

Today punks are the ones
who prefer To attract people to their works
[ In a real place, in real life ]
Cause it’s now so easy to spread
And talk without digging
[ No understanding ]
No respect. People feel strong
Connected on internet
Web bashing is for them
Like belonging to a stupid virtual crew

[ Chorus ]

You should not care
Don’t know what they are searching for
Music’s your own expression
Worth sharing even out of fashion
Worth sharing. Stop talking

Lacks of technique is not a limit
Authentic music’s never parodic
Perform really what you want [ Do it ! Do it ! ]

Have you the courage to do it?

Musical expression always opens for deformation
Put your own mind into sounds
Friends push me when I was kid
Now it’s my turn to talk and feed your hope
[ Don’t be ashamed ]
Like a fight. This insight of your right
Do something even bad
This is how you’ll find
What you need, feel alive
They just talk and try to put a gag on your liberty
Break their elitism
Everybody’s the right to record and share
Ignore their bullshits . Who fucking cares?

[ Chorus ]
Track Name: [ This Art Is Mine ]
There’s Trent, Freddy
Hidden sensitivity
Can you understand?
Ozzy, Bowie
Playing character can be a therapy
Fiction, protection.
Virtual confidence earned by someone else
No more acting.
Decided to leave my frontman skills

[ Chorus ]
I don’t have the pretention to steal it on my name
I found tranquility where others weary
I reach eternity while others find insanity
This is personal, it belongs to me
This art is mine

Bright light in my eyes.
Loving sunshine is not a crime
Obviously light by a new sun
New steps, footprint left in sand
Looking forward,
I’m always running toward the end of a life
It’s mine. Not hidden behind old characters

[ Chorus ]

This art is mine

So sorry for you...
You’re taking your role to seriously
You’ve never manage to be
The one who you wanna be
You’re trying to be how society wants you
You’re just not a doer

This art is mine
Track Name: [ Speculator ]
Devoting all my energy to grow
Each of my roots burrows
Even if soon I'll be in a barrow
Still green but look at my pretty leaves
The others have to shake like a leaf

Lots of us were just seeds in a row
Months ago he began to sow
Now it looks like we’re competitors
Fighting to be chosen by Speculator

I reached my dream : I’m the beautiful one
Mildew killed all the other ones
That’s why he doubled the price
Speculators fight for me. So nice

None alive. I survive. Pay the price
I’m so expensive you cannot buy this
Price won’t stop to grow. I have no holllow

[ Chorus ]
Speculator. Modern horror
Abrogator of nature laws

I was lucky. I was plucky
It seems things changed. They get revenge
I was chunky. I was pretty
Speculator is conjuror
Not the only one anymore
I’m a copy and there are more
Was part of a speculative bubble
This logic is abominable

Then my price begins to low
and who knows about tomorrow

My price begins to low. Who knows for tomorrow
I’m a poor tomato. Speculator’s like a wino

We’re thousands left in a tray
Speculator, I feel betrayed
We’re so much. We cost nothing
Speculator’s left. No tomato-loving

[ Chorus ]
Track Name: [ Puzzle ]
Under a blue sky thinking about what is mine
Used to be a piece which doesn’t fit
A piece built bit by bit
A piece made of several pieces

Gave up every spare parts
Just no need to afford that
Just no need to reword
Have new pieces to record

[ Chorus A ]
Get on and keep moving. Give up past foul moody

The lizard tries hard, wards off something to eat
The wizard discards yards and yards of wild cards

Under the sun world has more fun
Wild nature and its creatures
Get the picture ! Such a picture
A new puzzle and no rumble
Sun which dazzles. I was dazzled

[ Chorus A ]

I am now a piece that fit, a piece that belongs to it
Completed a new jigboard, a new puzzle

[ Chorus B ]
Under the sun I try hard
World has more fun with lizards
Wild nature and wizards
Get the picture and discard

I am now a piece that fit, a piece that belongs to it
Completed a new jigboard, a new puzzle

[ Chorus B ]

[ Audience ]
“ What the fuck are you talking about ? “
“ How the fuck are you singing this one? “
“ Cannot understand your words “
“ Cannot understand your world “
“ Prose poem. Intellectual shit ”

Is it really what you think?
( Understand the puzzle )

Asking the question is a revolution
It’s a puzzle to you how I wrote this one
It’s a bit of a puzzle
( Understand the puzzle )