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Drop Dead Entertainer

by Broken Down

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Sunburn Factory Early morning sunlight ready to take delight There is no house in sight. Heat is ready to bite This is heavy. Heavy and loud. Heavy and warm Celestial body far away in the sky Celestial body with all its rays of light This is heavy. Heavy and loud. Heavy and warm This is angry. It's not allowed. As a wasp swarm Early morning sunlight's soon becoming a beaming sun (chorus) From the dawn to twilight Sunburn factory, sound burst elegy No more dusk nor sundown Sunburn factory, sound burst elegy High circulations at the speed of light increase saturation of any sunlight, Cause low frequency sound They are coming down hitting the ground, coming down at the speed of sound
Cervical Vertebrae Evolution As each morning downtown streetcars. Music in ears, lost in my thoughts I lift my head then begin to look around and I wonder where the fuck I am Why everybody's looking down to their feet ? Why everybody is avoiding to greet ? (chorus) Cervical vertebrae evolution. Neck bones constriction Next station, something's in my sight. I even may have an eye contact It happened so fast i'm not sure anymore. Everybody's looking down and there's no more one day I heard this story about an Irish mushroom poisoning humans, taking control of their mind. It sounded like an old-fashioned story, you know All I see now are robots mesmerizing humans through applications and phones
All You Need Now In need of... following codes, being approved by people, belonging to the majority being told what to love, earning money, consuming to feel you're alive having friends, having always something to say Sorry I love to leave some blanks in my tales In need of... being told what to do, following the masses, being told what to love being like anybody you like, following codes to fill a need of belonging earning money to fill a need of consuming. You're not in need of needing everything All you need now is me In need of... showing you're not following codes, showing you don't need people's approval showing mainstream is only different when it suits you, showing you don't belong to my crew having a goal in your life, showing all that you can buy, hiding you fear loneliness hiding that you don't know anything, feeling reassured, showing you're a leader of that mass being told what to do In need of... showing you don't follow what you've been told to do, showing you're different from your idol
Nightly Trance She said : “good night, sleep tight” but... I feel like my pupills are rolling inside their eye-balls one eye tries to look inside myself then nibbles The other one keeps focusing on the alarm clock light And sometimes i have to tell myself to focus, to stop this flight I have to tell myself to look outside me, I need relaxation I have to look through the holes of my skull with no trepanation, don't need trepanation My mind talks and follows its flow My body moves by itself and I only noticed later I was holding my foot with my hand My mind talks and follows its flow Feeling tired and completely outside reality I return to me and ask myself where my mind has gone again, where it's gone again, I don't know, I don't fucking know Nightly trance, daily tiredness I dig a trench all through the night Nightly Trance, if you wanna try I give you the shirt off my back Asleep, can't sleep, awake, can't wake, can't wait for the day I don't know if it's kind of like time-travelling I don't know if it's an astral thin
Balance 04:18
Balance Do you want to turn things up? Do you wanna hear the little thing that nobody cares about? I put my head down to my knees but you have to shake your heads now I used to think too much. I used to think too fast. I used to want it now. Ready to sell my soul I used to be in hurry and I must still be, till running after it : time or maybe death (chorus) Balance, balance I had found my own one. The missing piece of my puzzle The only one, no resemblance. Didn't know at first glance At first sight I knew then with her I grew. Together we share the sweat, the tears then swear My head down to my knees. I said “help me to get up again, please” Hugging together we had the keys then we left into these pinetrees You're my balance. She's my balance
Raging Inside Deep inside me I know : physical condition's good But inside my head I feel I'm struggling to survive Is it inside my head ? Maybe it's just inside my head Deep inside a dream I saw myself running but inside another one I felt I was drowning Maybe it's just inside my head. Maybe it's just inside his head Maybe it was just a dream or maybe it was real Is it inside my head ? Maybe it's just inside my head Maybe it's just inside his head. Maybe this head isn't mine (chorus) I cannot hide. My vision is wide. At night comes high tide. I'm raging inside No need to blame myself And no need to fill the blanks Because once winter comes around I forget where I am Maybe this dream wasn't even mine Nightmare inside, what's going on in his mind ?
The Dreamcrusher I come to you each night to watch you, I see you, deeply asleep. You're dreaming about money, sex or cars. It seems useless but I need you dreamless. I can't help but watch behind my back You're still into your crap that's why I am the dreamcrusher. I don't give a shit about you but sometimes when I'm writing . I want to scream at you, to shout at you, to make you cry, to wake you up. I am the dreamcrusher You're part of this game, I wanna change the rules but i need you to push them cause you accept voluntary servitude and that makes their game that's why I am the dreamcrusher They are madmen leading the blind. You keep them in their idea of controlling people through their laws, consumerism and medias. I am the dreamcrusher Now stop dreaming. Alone I can change nothing
Your Turn Now Everything crumbles into an eyesore. I don't look at my life anymore I always think while looking forward. forward, forward, never backward I hate all I see on the news. I hate all their points of view I hate the message on your shirt. I want them all to be hurt Who do think you are to talk to me without knowing my name ? While you were provoking people around the only solution I have found While you set yourself up as a rebel, the one who can help stood as the devil Wearing their colours, singing their lyrics, you are only spreading their spirit Stupid people told you to have a kid but there're already enough mouths to feed (chorus) Who do you think you are to talk to me without knowing my name ? People are looking for songs that already express what they have in them Music will never change opinions on anything, no it will never change Nobody cares about them that's why, you know, we'll never be the same I've fresh ideas and tortillas, with a knapsack full of speeches No souse in my house down South. I'm serious and ready to grouse I had fresh ideas and tortillas. Let's go back to the present now Listen, I don't care if you don't follow. I've already told you all I know Take my words, build your world, mine is done, I have fun I don't care anymore about what I see. I just turn off the screen and feel free
Don’t Let Them Stack The Deck Have you ever felt like you've been pulverised into ground meat by a brutal machine ? Talking about things in an extreme way does not represent anything. Real life is not extreme so I am not. I represent the boredom of life In search of the untouched beauty of nature I left my demons overthere But your vision of the world is filtered by the prism of your bulky references Don't let them stack the deck Do you strongly agree with me ? Don't you feel out of the masses ? I don't expect you to change your way of life. Human nature is what it is Control the time : forward, rewind. Critical Mind is not a crime It's just a gift. Any ideas drift seems to be sniffed, seems to be crushed You were walking blind alone on this road at the right place, at the right time Education from the ones who care (about you) builds your out-of-the-box spirit Religion you've never chosen has to be thrown away, it's implicit To be smart is to hide that you're smart For me it just didn't seem as appealing to get back in this arena Make the most of what you have in you and comfort yourself as much as you can
Down The Stairs Have you ever been walking down the stairs ? Have you ever thought you can't make any repair ? Have you ever been walking into this strange world ? Have you ever wanted your face to be in this picture ? one day you wonder how to get away with life Down the stairs, in which direction to drive It's real, no dream, take what you need but no more Follow your stream, (live) like your own operator You never came here before. Your world is behind the door As any broken, lost or weirdo you don't belong here, no (chorus) Down the stairs : a world you don't care, a world that scares Down the stairs survivors are rares, follow the only flare You are now an outlaw. They will burn your own floor Down the stairs you are now an outlaw Follow your stream, they have burned your floor And then you watch the world through your own eyes Watch out, watch out, be ready to kill their spy Down the stairs, play by your own rules Reach happiness by your own tools The broken and the lost, forgotten and weirdos Down the stairs we are all outlaw Avoid electro waves, don't be their techno slave
Pretentious & Insolent Everything I do, I do it to reach the top Everywhere I go, I go and you can't stop Anybody around me, use for my goal I'm not waiting for your feedback or for you to follow (chorus) Critics and people think I have no right even to try But I'm very happy to claim things I didn't have the right to Very happy to have tried being someone else I turn “pretentious & insolent” into a compliment Anything I can swap, any gap I can jump I will cross the whole map to join this year's crop I build my own pitfalls, create my own tumbles I will leave when I'm bored and keep going toward
Dread 03:41
Dread I woke just before dawn. Everyone else was asleep I could barely stand, I saw it with perfect clarity I was thirsty, scared, not sure if it was real During that night my ideas were nasty I felt a shadow in my bac,k, a lost soul which was black It seems rock star fashion only fits rock stars There can't be black souls Where there is blue sky Hangovers pissed me off. I ran and I ran to get better I preferred to clear my head, to run forward while i discovered... I was seeking out glory and recognition I sought those things to the exclusion of all else I covered our objectives with my time We got paid well then begun to buy a taste of their lives (chorus) This is a story I was telling myself about who I was A collection of lies that would disappear in the first light My madness has to stop, madness can go somewhere else Admitting your weakness make you the strongest. Tenderness I walked out the door and never went back Come, let's go and see what happened to you
Room 42 04:13
Room 42 I was still waiting for it. I was still working on it’. I wanted it intense. Did it make any sense ? Why was it taking so long ? Because I stumbled down the road like a drunk that didn't mean this way was totally sunk one day I was partying with Liph Moansel When the world finally saw me When the world finally looked at me I didn't expect it anymore Then I understood Room 42. Room For Two Don't need anything else, a room for two is enough I understood I've already had for a long time the most important fan ever around Admiration of this one is enough. Any glory I was searching for can't count more So now you can stop here. Everything has been done for her Sincerity with which I shared my life allow me to truly look through her eyes
The Timemaster one eye on the clock, just one turn to lock the door of your day, the door to your way Can't look over his shoulders. He runs, he's the oldest Look at him covered in dust. He won't let you be the first (chorus) He's too fast for you. Too far from you Like you've been carved out of plastic He's the Timemaster He doesn't wait for you, doesn't care for you He doesn't look back. You can't steal his clock No time to lose, no time to waste No time for drugs, just time for sex I have to hold on and save time because... Don't tell me not to fly. Please let me earn my time Look how hyperactive I am. You're the only reason why
A Ghost In The Machine I am now at the end of a form of adolescence : I want to stop scattering myself. I gave a lot. I was thirsty to express myself. Perverse game with my private life I don't try to make every song harder, meaner, tougher than the last one It was more introspective. Internal decay and collapse happened to be my motivation at that time I do not know if many bands are evolving so radically In general, when they find a formula, they cling to it I'm always looking for new ways to experiment There is no other way to avoid boredom I'm not going to tailor my music to what I think those people are going to like next I don't think in terms of audience I put some sort of sincerity onto a tougher musical edge that normally wouldn't fit together As a pawn on the eternal chessboard never quite sure of its next destination I blindly fulfill my walk-on role Music plays a big part of the input to form your self opinion of who you are I put a ghost in your machine I enhanced what was a tired form I attempted to marry you and me together I put a ghost in your machine
No Last Resting Place I used to think : I am 14 years old, there's no future here I was starring at the stars, waiting for them to talk I felt like I didn't belong anywhere Reaching 33 years was my goal cause I wanted to beat Jesus Christ I even beat him recently Hey bro, don't feel old cause nothing has changed There is no last resting place Desperate people can be desperately upbeat and optimistic Driven by a faith that tomorrow might not be like today Sad songs always touch something deep inside us To the depressed sad songs proffer a perpetual message of hope Everything you hear is all here for you to help There is worse pain in the world than yours
Drop Dead! 01:05


The most mature and catchy album. Maurer took more than 2 years to build this record : cutting sample, building drumkits, recording guitars, turning the composition into computer driven songs and mixing intensively during 3 months. The mix sessions were so hard that he couldn't listen to heavy music for months after that. The album was finally mastered 6 months later.THE Industrial Metal record Maurer tried to record for years.


- Defying again from any label, Broken Down is far from being scattered in pieces 5/5 (MusicWaves, FR)

- It is Industrial Metal for sure. But this actually goes further, much further. (...) I guess you can dwell within comparable (alt)spheres where the likes of Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Static-X (...) dwell but Broken Down are not some cheap clone 80/100 (Concrete Web, BE)

- I’m somewhat reminded of Fear Factory and Solefald (..) The project’s mastermind worked extremely hard on this one. 7/10 (The Grim Tower, USA)

- a good record based on Industrial Rock shooting and an Old school Electronics (Nitzer Ebb), with a great imagination in creating vocals and acting choruses, with references to the best anthems of the Misfits anthems. The songs are all pretty and pleasantly catchy, good composition that touches particular styles as in "Balance" where the song even recalls the spectrum of the extraordinary The Stranglers (Official)! The sung alternates between irreverent tones that also tread the steps of The Damned (...)
But the real question is: how to resist a song like "Down the Stairs"? 70/100 (Bob Stoner / The Pit Of The Damned, IT)

- it has its moments of lunatic genius. Imagine if the Dead Kennedys and the Residents got together to put out a hardcore punk industrial album (...) I find 'Drop Dead Entertainer' to be an "acquired taste," but some people out there are going to love it for its undeniable weirdness. 3/5 (Chain DLK, USA)

- Nine Inch Nails a Killing Joke, pasando por Rob Zombie, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Rammstein, KMFDM... en definitiva, un disco variado y completo que demuestra buenas ideas y libertad creativa (Noizz Webzine, ES))

Sunburn Factory (with its dancing parts), Balance (with such charming and deeper approach, this one will gain many fans), Pretentious & Insolent (charming harmonies and a song easy to like) (Metal Temple, IS)

- This is avant-garde, it's fucked dimensions (Spark Rockmagazin (CZ))


released December 14, 2018

Warning notice
I almost became crazy because of mixing and listening very loud in a loop to theses songs; each day,
in the morning, in the evening, to mix the little things nobody hears exactly the way I wanted.
I couldn’t listen to heavy music for months after that. Watch out for your ears !

Home of the Jackhammer : www.broken-down.net

Music recorded between November 2016 & August 2017.
Vocals recorded between September 2017 & December 2017
Mixed between January 2018 & March 2018.
Mastered between September 2018 & october 2018

Music, Recording, Mix, Lyrics & Arts by Broken Down
Female Vocals on Nightly Trance & Room 42, Photos by "The Balance"
Mastering by Rémy Pelleschi at QFG Studios, Cannes, France
Logo by Mennifir, Bordeaux, France
English writing helpers : Max, Eva & Ysuna, Denver, Co, Usa




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